Matt Winkworth

I offer a wide range of affordable services including composition for theatre, film and games; arrangement; musical directing; editing and typesetting. Please contact me for further information.

I have a particular passion for composing for theatre, whether full-scale musical theatre, instrumentals for plays or dance pieces. I can prepare scores for live musicians or provide instrumental backing tracks and have written for a wide variety of ensembles and styles, including ambient sound design. I also compose for film and video games, able to provide high-quality tracks.

Musical director
I’m an experienced musical director for theatre and choir, with professional, community and youth groups working on well-known pieces or the development of new work. I have a strong tenor voice, grade 8 piano, experience in leading large groups as well as one-to-one coaching and offer a friendly but professional approach to rehearsals.

Whether arranging an existing piece for a new ensemble, adding original arrangements to a new work or just helping you get your ideas down onto paper, I can work with you to enhance your music and create scores and/or digital realisations.

I have many years’ experience performing as a singer-songwriter, both solo and with a large band. My songs are quirky, narrative, piano-based chamber pop. I’m available for booking as performer or songwriter.

Previously I worked several years for a major academic publisher as desk editor. This has given me a strong grounding in book publishing and editing, with a pedantic eye for detail. I’ve typeset music for several published textbooks and am available for engraving and freelance editorial work.